Productable was developed as academic research. It was tested with startups and corporate innovation teams to become software.


While helping several startups as Mark Cuban’s Head of Innovation, Rachel and her team discovered how to create a personalized workflow for each entrepreneur with a minimal set of centralized tools and experiences. Each effort from each entrepreneur captured data that could help predict how they could all do better next time. This was well in line with Rachel's research group at SUTD-MIT that developed predictive models on innovation success based on people, teams, methods, and expected outcomes.


Rachel took this to corporate innovation where she was an innovation consultant for two years with 20+ Fortune 1000 companies. In these manual corporate innovation trials, her team highly increased the breadth of experiments their clients could run with their resources while increasing their success rate. She got it down to a system that was ready to convert to software.

Productable was designed with over 70+ innovation experts to ensure a high range of methodology compatibility. The Productable platform uniquely streamlines organizational expectations, methodical processes, and experimental outcomes across a high volume of projects to systematically support and improve a culture of innovation.

Thank you to these companies and many more for being a part of our journey

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