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The Invisible Enemies of Innovation

A webinar series about common innovation roadblocks

Join us - the experts behind Project Holodeck - for the next 20-minute webinar in our series as we explore Invisible Enemy #5: Just Go Innovate Something!

In this quick talk, Tyler Steinke, Productable's very own portfolio innovation expert, will discuss how to empower innovators with well-defined problems and clear direction. Through his own experiences building innovation portfolios for large corporations, Tyler has developed ways to steer leaders away from the just go innovate something mindset and give innovators what they need to go forth and develop strong ideas that create impact.

He'll start with a 10 minute exploration of this invisible enemy followed by 10 minutes of questions.

About Tyler
An experienced innovation leader, Tyler Steinke has advised dozens of global corporations on innovation strategy, startup engagement and corporate venture capital. Prior to joining Productable as Head of Partnerships & Growth, he led corporate innovation for a Silicon Valley-based consulting practice, where he worked with Fortune 500 companies such as EPSON, IBM, AT&T, Fujitsu and Emirates Airlines. Tyler considers himself an evangelist for the portfolio approach to innovation and is passionate about helping organizations take their innovation programs to the next level.

JAN. 20
3:30 EST

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Enemy #5: Just Go Innovate Something!

Please join Tyler Steinke, portfolio innovation expert, as he discusses why innovators will achieve better results with well-defined problems and clear direction.

Enemy #6: Slickest Sales Pitch Wins

Please join Janice Fraser, innovation expert and thought leader, as she discusses how leaders can avoid being duped by the slickest sales pitch and how innovators can frame their stories to get a yes.

Enemy #7: Must Adhere To Vision

Please join Taylor "Bingo"Herron, Air Force veteran and former assistant to the Vice Chief of Staff, as he discusses why lacking the flexibility to evolve and pivot gets in the way of disruptive innovation.

Enemy #8: Perfection Over Progress

Please join Rachel Kuhr Conn, Productable founder & CEO, as she discusses why the expectation of perfection leads to innovation disaster and how to keep projects moving forward with a continuous improvement mindset.

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