Completing Decision Criteria

Decision Criteria, Supporting Evidence, Multiple Team Members
What are Decision Criteria?

Criteria set by leaders and decision makers at each stage, requiring necessary data, evidence, and research from an innovator that demonstrates progress and maturity of the innovation. There are typically 3-4 Decision Criteria per stage.

Each Decision Criteria asks one or more questions about how your innovation has met the criteria. Your #1 goal in Productable is to gather data and evidence to confidently answer the questions for each Decision Criteria. You must include an answer to each Decision Criteria to submit a Stage Change Request.

What if I don’t know how to provide or find the “necessary supporting evidence” to successfully meet a Decision Criteria? Or if I don’t understand what the Decision Criteria questions are asking?
  1. Report a Barrier in the platform indicating where you’re stuck
  2. You can email to set-up a working session with an innovation expert
  3. Coming Soon: In-app exercises and tools that help innovators get unstuck. These are called Blueprints.
I have multiple members on my team; this probably means we can’t all change the Decision Criteria answers, right?

Multiple team members can contribute. The most recent answer will appear, however, regardless of who posted it. Previous work will not be lost as team members can view historical updates to the Decision Criteria by clicking on the 🕓along the right side.

Can I look ahead to future stages’ Decision Criteria and work on them?

You are able to look at the upcoming criteria in future stages, but you are not yet able to add answers. It is necessary to meet all Decision Criteria in your current stage before working ahead.