Navigating Productable

Ecosystems, Portfolios, Innovations, Stage report, Barriers & Wins
What are “My Ecosystems”, “My Portfolios” and “My Innovations”?

Along the left navigation, you will see the innovation(s) you are assigned to, what portfolio(s) your innovation(s) is in, and what ecosystem you belong in. 

What is the “Stage report” section of the innovation page?

The Stage report lays out the innovation roadmap (also known as the Plan of Actions & Milestones), listing the current innovation stage the project is in, and the Decision Criteria innovators need to work towards completing. This is where most of the work should be done by innovators for Productable and where Stage Change Requests can be processed.

Where do I submit Barriers and Wins?

In the “Barriers and wins” tab along the top of the innovation page, you can report barriers to leadership and celebrate progress by listing wins. 

How can I add/remove team members and edit the details about my innovations?

In the “Innovation details” tab along the top of the innovation page, you can edit the description of your innovation and add new team members.

When you add new team members, you will select “Innovation Member” or “Innovation Collaborator”. 

  • “Innovation Members” are typically the innovators who work on the project and aim to complete the Decision Criteria by answering the questions
  • “Innovation Collaborators” are typically supporters who help innovators by escalating and resolving barriers