Submitting Stage Change Requests

Everything about Stage Change Requests
What is a Stage Change Request?

Once your team has confidently answered all of the questions for each Decision Criteria, you can request to advance to the next stage. This signifies that your innovation is ready for the next step, which typically comes with additional resourcing and support (potentially includes funding). You can find the Stage Change Request button under the “Stage report” tab on the innovation page.

Who can submit a Stage Change Request?

Any Innovation Member or Innovation Collaborator who is assigned to the innovation.

What will happen after I submit a Stage Change Request?

Your request will be reviewed by leadership, will be visible on your innovation page as Pending, and once a decision has been determined, you will be notified that the request has been:

  • Approved - Your innovation will advance to the next Stage and you can begin working to meet the next set of Decision Criteria.
  • Needs More Information - Particular data or information is missing. You will see the feedback on your project page.