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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As a Project Manager

Where is my group page?

An overview of all of the projects you oversee. You can click into  each individual innovator project page, leave feedback, and track an  innovator’s progress. You can also see all of the reported wins and barriers across all of  the innovators in your group.

What are these metrics hovering each innovation?

You see the 1) velocity score, 2) % blocked, and 3) # of asks.
The velocity score is an aggregate metric indicating “how fast” an innovator is progressing. The % blocked is determined by the number of barriers and their reported impact (low, medium, high, debilitating). Where debilitating impact means the project is 50% blocked. High impact equals 25% and low impact equals10%. Innovation teams that have high % blocked may need more assistance than others. The # of asks indicate how many outstanding requests for help an innovator has reported.

What is a group update?

This is a comprehensive update project managers submit, including  every innovations’ project update submissions in your group.

How often are group updates and when do I need to complete a group update?

Innovators submit their progress updates every two weeks, which means project managers submit their group updates every two weeks. The deadline for the innovator progress update is biweekly on Tuesdays at 2300 CT. The group survey opens then and closes on Thursday at 1200 CT.

What if an innovator in my group doesn’t fill out their progress update?

You will still check out their update for them when going through the group update. You may want to communicate with innovators that accurate updates will not be reflected in the group update if they fail to submit their innovator update.

As an Innovator

What is my project page?

Your project page is the hub for your innovation in Productable. This is where you submit progress updates to managers; track wins, barriers, and asks

What is a progress update?

A progress update is a <5-minute questionnaire that you fill out in the Productable. It asks you questions about your progress made on particular Decision Criteria, wins you’d like to report as well as barriers impeding progress and associated asks for project managers to help you overcome barriers. The results from each progress update are visible on your project page and communicated through a number of metrics

How often are progress updates?

Innovators are expected to submit progress updates once every two weeks. The window to submit and updates opens on Thursday morning and closes the following Tuesday evening at 2300 CT

What is a win?

Any sort of progress that feels good! It is a step in the right direction. Your wins congregate on your project page and are visible to all of the other innovators and project managers in your organization. We are celebrating your milestones with you!

What is a barrier?

Something that gets in your way to accessing / achieving an objective. You can report barriers in your progress updates, indicate a particular theme of the barrier (finance, IT, policy etc), and also indicate which barriers you are still facing that were reported in previous progress updates.

What is an ask?

A request for assistance in helping you overcome a barrier and/or for funding.  You can tie an ask to a barrier when you submit your progress update, informing one or more of your project managers that you could use some help.

What is a Plan of Actions and Milestones (POA&M)?

A framework determined by your organization that consists of 1-5  innovation phases. Each phase contains 3-4 Decision Criteria that innovators  must confidently meet to progress to the next innovation phase. Watch this video for more detail.

What is a Decision Criteria?

These are objectives an innovator must confidently meet by providing necessary supporting evidence that validates success or confidence in a criteria. Watch this video for more detail.

What if I don’t know how to provide the “necessary supporting evidence” to successfully meet a Decision Criteria?

There are a number of exercises in Productable known as “pitch sections” that prompt you to input data associated with each Decision Criteria. You can also email workshops@beproductable.com to schedule a session with Productable’s innovation experts for custom support. Watch this video for more detail.

Logging in for DOD

I am logging in for the first time. How do I do this?

1. Go to app.beproductableaf.com
2. Click “Sign In with Mobile Authenticator”
3. Enter    
(a) Username (all lowercase, no spaces): firstnamelastname  
(b) Password (all lowercase, no spaces): holodeck321!
4. You will be asked to change your password at this point

Does Productable save my log-in credentials?

Because of security issues, you cannot save your log-in credentials. We suggest you write down your new password somewhere safe.

I forgot my password. How do I log back in?

Email support@beproductable.com and copy the below text in the email with your new preferred password. 
"Hello Productable! 
I forgot my password. Can you reset it to <insert new password here>? Thanks!"

I need another member(can be a functional owner, innovator, and/or viewer) of my team added to a project. How do I do this?

Email support@beproductable.com and and copy the below text in the email with the new team member’s information: 
"Hello Productable! 

I need to add another person to my innovation in Productable. Below is their information: 
●   <First name>
●   <Last name
●   <Email address>
●   <What project your team  member needs to be assigned to>
●   <Choose permission:  functional owner, innovator, and/or viewer>

What is a mobile authenticator?

Authenticators are applications that serve several purposes for Android and iOS devices. They're mainly used for two types of authentication, known as multi-factor authentication (MFA) and multi-step authentication (MSA).
The authenticator generates a code that you need to enter every time that you logon to your Productable account. The code changes every 30 seconds, can only be used once, and is unguessable.

Why do I need to use a mobile authenticator to log-in?

The top reason to use a Mobile Authenticator is: security. The Department of Defense requires external platforms to be highly secure environments. With applications moving to the cloud and providing users with streamlined access to everything, everywhere, security is the top concern for authentication. Many solutions address the problem of password fatigue through a convenient single sign-on solution or something like a password vault.  However, few solutions adequately address the issue of secure access.

What mobile authenticator applications does Productable use?

Productable  allows three different mobile authenticator applications, however, you only  need to install one. You can find the links to install below:
●    FreeOTP
○    Android App Store download
○     iOS App Store download
●    Google Authenticator
○     Android download
○     iOS App Store download
●    Authy
○     Android App Store download
○      iOS App Store download

Okay, I have downloaded a mobile authenticator. Now what?

1. Open your mobile  authenticator
2. Scan the desktop QR Code provided on the setup screen
3. Quickly, enter the one-time code provided in the app (nospaces). Code expires within 30 seconds.
4. Name your authenticator device
5. Click “Submit” to complete setup
6. You’re all set! Now you should be able to access Productable. Email support@beproductable.com if you are still having issues at this point.

What is the link to the Productable platform?
Can I log in with my CAC ID?

Within the App click “My Profile”, and then click “Edit CAC Info”. Add your CAC ID in the CAC field and hit “Save”. Your CAC will be added within 2-3 business days

How do I know if my account has been created?

You will receive a confirmation email from support@beproductable.com