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Portfolio management tips

Review program success at a glance and make even smarter resourcing decisions

Getting your innovation program to the next level starts with knowing where you are now. For program leaders, the Portfolio Dashboard in Productable provides a quick snapshot of goal progress, throughput, and available funding so you can spend your time wisely and make even smarter use of your innovation budget.

Read on to learn more about the components of the Portfolio Dashboard and how they can help you drive the right program outcomes even faster.

📣Heads up: You will need to create at least five innovations in your Productable workspace in order to activate the charts and widgets summarized below.

Check portfolio health in seconds with dashboard metrics

Keep a pulse on your program’s performance with summary metrics like total number of innovations, percentage of off-ramped innovations, average time per stage, and average barrier duration.

Understand innovation velocity with the stage duration chart

Visualize the average number of days innovations are spending in each stage of maturity so you can identify where and when projects are getting stalled.

Visualize holistic portfolio performance with the portfolio pipeline chart

Understand the flow of innovation projects across your portfolio. See how many innovation projects are in each stage of maturity, how many are passing to the next stage, and how many have been off-ramped or completed.

Stay on top of budget allocations with the funding widget

Get a snapshot of innovation resourcing information with the portfolio funding widget. See how much money you’ve allocated in the current fiscal year and how much is still available for further investments.

See progress towards strategic goals with the outcomes widget

Keep your innovation goals front and center with the portfolio outcomes widget. Customize how you will measure progress, set a target completion date, and compare current vs. target metrics at any time.

If you are a current Productable user, visit the homepage of any portfolio in Productable to explore the Dashboard on your own. Interested in joining? Schedule a demo to learn how our innovation enablement platform can help you de-risk new initiatives and drive ROI faster.

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