De-risk new initiatives and drive outcomes faster.

Productable’s innovation enablement software helps federal agencies get new technologies and programs over the finish line with less stress.
Productable Innovation Management ImageProductable Innovation Management ImageProductable Innovation Management Image
Innovation Productable

How Productable helps

Reduce the risk of failed investments.

Whether you’re launching new programs or adopting cutting-edge technology, it can feel like a lot is on the line—especially in a national security context. Productable gives you the decision pipeline and portfolio strategy you need to pave a critical path to success, without taking on unnecessary risk.

Speed up capability development.

Building through bureaucracy isn’t always easy. Progress breaks down, stakeholders come and go, and program teams struggle to get the support they need. There’s a better way. Field mission-aligned capabilities faster with commercial best practices designed to take solutions to the next level.

Make informed decisions.

The best program investments are grounded in performance data, not personal opinions. With Productable, leaders get the pitch data and portfolio dashboards they need to make objective decisions about which solutions to pause and which to keep in play. The result? A reliable system for innovation excellence.


Who uses Productable?

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Portfolio Managers

  • Make resourcing decisions
  • Unblock barriers
  • Manage progress
Productable Innovation Management Image


  • Find resources and support
  • Report barriers to leadership
  • Make progress on your innovation
Productable Innovation Management Image


  • Stay in the know
  • Resolve barriers
  • Drive best practices

How it works

Before starting Productable, founder and CEO Rachel Kuhr Conn spent over a decade studying the innovation process—as an academic researcher, as a corporate consultant, and as Head of Innovation for Mark Cuban’s portfolio. Along the way, she worked with over 20 Fortune 500 companies to hone a patent-pending innovation process that directly shapes our software platform today. Here’s how it works.

Stages of innovation

Create standard milestones to organize your innovation process.

Portfolio strategy

Reduce risk by developing many concepts towards desired outcomes.

Adaptive methods

Know the right tools and resources for getting ideas to the next stage.

Data-driven feedback

Accelerate progress with cadenced updates and check-ins.


U.S. Air Force innovation takes off

Productable Innovation Management Image

"Productable is single handedly transforming the Air Force’s ability to innovate. No longer are we limited by our staff's ability to manage a handful innovations. We are empowering airmen to drive outcomes at scale."

Wm. Brou Gautier
Innovation Leader, U.S. Air Force