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Turning the innovation process into scalable software

It’s been more than 20 years since Salesforce turned the sales process into software, and it's been more than 15 years since HubSpot turned the marketing process into software. We think it’s innovation’s turn to democratize through the power of technology, and we’re using best practices and real science to make it happen.

Enter Productable Founder & CEO Rachel Kuhr Conn, an academic researcher turned corporate innovation consultant turned entrepreneur. Back in 2005, Rachel began her exploration of the many facets of innovation with a research lab at The University of Texas. She then went on to conduct more scientific research on innovation process with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD), investigating why it’s so hard to innovate successfully and finding repeatable ways to predict innovation success based on people, teams, methodologies and desired outcomes. Rachel then put her discoveries into practice. First as a corporate innovation consultant and then as head of innovation for Mark Cuban's portfolio of startups.

Rachel Kuhr Conn, Productable Founder & CEO
While at Mark Cuban Companies, Productable's founder developed insider knowledge of the venture capital approach to innovation and why it worked so well.

What Rachel found so interesting about venture capital was that their expertly crafted ecosystem and fearless pursuit of experimentation solved challenges around transparency, alignment and scale - some of the same challenges she regularly faced in innovation.

True to her nature as a researcher, Rachel started experimenting with how to use venture capital strategies to solve innovation problems. She tested and iterated this revolutionary approach to innovation with more than 20 multi-billion dollar companies and created the sustainable innovation process that has become the basis for Productable’s patent-pending software.

Our roots in innovation science are what makes Productable so different than other innovation management platforms out there. Behind every feature and every experience inside our platform is a mindfully woven, science-backed innovation method or strategy. We are not just a shop of developers building software. We’re not your traditional product group trying to solve a problem.


25+ years in the making to bring Productable to life

Idea was born

Our Founder & CEO, Rachel Kuhr Conn, begins researching innovation process with The University of Texas.

Continued research

She takes her research to the next level with Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Singapore University of Technology & Design.

Tested with Mark Cuban

She starts working for Mark Cuban and incorporates her newfound knowledge of venture capital into her experiments.

Corporate testing

Inspired, Rachel develops what is now our patent-pending innovation process and validates it with 20+ companies.


She tests a successful prototype with Stanford Ignite and gets accepted into the Sputnik ATX accelerator program.

National security focus

Productable officially launches and lands a deal with the U.S. Air Force, quickly growing to $3.1 million in revenue.


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