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Making innovation excellence easier

At Productable, we believe that leading successful new initiatives doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re turning innovation best practices into scalable software so federal leaders can drive the right outcomes with less effort.

Why We're Here

Our mission is to create and scale the world’s most impactful way to innovate.

Our Story

Putting research into practice for 10+ years and counting

Prior to starting Productable in 2019, founder and CEO Rachel Kuhr Conn spent over a decade studying the innovation process—as an academic researcher, as a corporate consultant, and as head of innovation for Mark Cuban’s portfolio of startups.

Along the way, she discovered that slow, disjointed approaches to resource management and decision-making held organizations back from achieving their innovation potential. Determined to find a solution, Rachel worked with over 20 multi-billion dollar companies to hone a patent-pending innovation process that continues to shape our software platform today.

Rachel Kuhr Conn, Productable Founder & CEO
Our founder and CEO, Rachel Kuhr Conn, begins researching the innovation process with The University of Texas.
She takes her research to the next level with Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Singapore University of Technology & Design.
She starts working for Mark Cuban and incorporates her newfound knowledge of venture capital into her experiments.
Inspired, Rachel develops what is now our patent-pending innovation process and validates it with 20+ companies.
She tests a successful prototype with Stanford Ignite and gets accepted into the Sputnik ATX accelerator program.
🚀 Productable launches
Productable officially launches and lands a deal with the U.S. Air Force, quickly growing to $3.1 million in revenue.
Productable brings on board a world-class team of software engineers with experience at organizations like Google, Medium, and Microsoft.
Now a profitable company with a proprietary software platform, Productable continues to help federal agencies level up their innovation processes.

We've honed our methodology with great partners


Productable is currently working with federal agencies like the U.S. Air Force to drive innovation outcomes at scale.

OUR Solution

Portfolio management software for federal innovators

Productable is an innovation enablement platform that guides your team through step-by-step methods for portfolio management, solution development, and decision making, helping you turn ideas into outcomes faster.

Taking organizations from stagnation to innovation

Productable is a team of multi-passionate people – from playwrights to parents – working to transform the world through innovation.

Nick Chagin
Customer Success & Learning Manager
Kevin Clark
Chief Product Officer
Rachel Kuhr Conn
Founder & CEO
Morgan Good
Product Designer
Jean Hsu
VP of Engineering
Sean McBride
Software Engineer
Jon Margolick
VP of Success and Transformation
Lindsey Otsuki
Software Engineer
Katherine Nammacher
Product Manager
Aaron Cordroch
Dedicated Success and Transformation Lead
Jeff Adling
Dedicated Success and Transformation Lead
Steve Gravrock
Software Engineer
Greg Chattin-McNichols
Software Engineer
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Advisory Board
Brooke Boyarsky
Known for big-scale corporate transformation.
Abe Minkara
Known for leveraging experts and process to make an impact.
Kevin Alansky
Known for his marketing prowess and growing great companies.
Duncan Logan
Known in Silicon Valley as the Unicorn Herder.
Janice Fraser
Known as the queen of innovation best practices and methodology.
Dan Ward
Known for his visionary approach to government innovation.
Adam Furtado
Known as the most successful Air Force intrapreneur ever.
Sam Strickling
Known for delivering billions in innovation ROI.
Dan Pupius
Advisor, Chief Technology Officer
Our Values

How we work matters

As we reimagine innovation management for federal agencies, four core values shape how we operate.


It takes teamwork and a whole lot of experimentation to build a company from the ground up. We value each other’s unique perspective and work as a team to Figure It Out Together.


As we grow individually in our roles and collectively in our headcount, we also grow our capacity for Responsibility, Accountability, Transparency, and Adaptability. We’ve got this!

Better next week

We always strive for progress over perfection. It’s crucial to learn from our failures, move forward with forgiveness, and improve one step at a time.

Think big, start small

We always share the first 10% of our work for feedback and have daily standups to make sure everyone has what they need to act now.

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