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Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Productable is an innovation management platform that sets organizations up with everything they need to innovate successfully. Our all-in-one solution gives leaders the reporting and insights they need to drive transformation quickly and gives innovators the right process and right tools to scale their ideas into real solutions. 

Productable Founder & CEO Rachel Kuhr Conn launched the patent pending SaaS platform in 2019 after almost a decade of testing innovation methodology as academic research with top institutions such as MIT then perfecting the proprietary innovation process with Mark Cuban Companies and more than 20 other large corporations. 

We borrow our philosophy from venture capitalists, the boldest and most successful investors, and we leverage it to help organizations of all sizes innovate successfully. We call it Portfolio Innovation, and it's all about creating an ecosystem that nurtures transformation, tackling innovation from the top, middle and bottom, just like a venture capitalist. 

What We Do

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Leadership Team

Rachel Kuhr Conn
Founder & CEO

After working across startups, venture capital, academia and corporations, Rachel spent over a decade getting to the bottom of innovation roadblocks and launched Productable after perfecting her own innovation process for Mark Cuban's portfolio of startups. Before Productable, she also served as an innovation consultant for dozens of billion dollar companies and led innovation research for top institutions such as MIT.

Dr. Wes Galliher
Head of Product

A Stanford University graduate who earned his PhD in organic chemistry, Dr. Wes Galliher took a leap from biotech research analyst to product development for health solutions. This unique niche led him into product management, where he’s taken on leadership roles in both startups and enterprise companies such as Pivitol Labs and ProdPad.

Dr. Christina White
Head of Methodology

A patent holder with a lifelong intrigue for invention, Dr. Christina White aims to empower creativity in everyone. She earned her EdD in engineering education from Columbia University and is also a leading expert in innovation methodologies such as Design Thinking and Agile. Combining her love of both travel and education, Christina has also led innovation initiatives in more than 30 countries.

Jennifer Prishtina
Head of Marketing

Jennifer’s marketing experience runs the gamut from serving as a spokesperson and lead editor for Travelocity to launching a luxury hotels brand that was acquired by Travelzoo. A storyteller at heart, she has also researched and written numerous data and trend reports covered by top publications such as The Wall Street Journal. 

Advisory Board

Janice Fraser
Partner, Seneca VC

Dan Ward
Principal, MITRE

Kevin Alansky
CMO, Higher Logic

Duncan Logan,
CSO, Nex Cubed

Abe Minkara
Founder, Legacy Knight

Brooke Boyarsky
COO, Berkadia

Adam Furtado
Product Consultant

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During our founder's career as an innovation expert, she worked with these companies and many more to hone methodology and drive transformation.