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To take organizations from
stagnation all the way to revolution.

Productable empowers your entire ecosystem with the right innovation process and right tools to scale ideas into real innovations.

About Productable

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Productable is an innovation management platform that sets organizations up with everything they need to innovate successfully. Our all-in-one solution gives leaders the reporting and insights they need to make confident decisions and drive transformation quickly, and it gives innovators the right process and right tools to scale their ideas into real solutions.

Productable's patent-pending SaaS platform is rooted in innovation science and created by a team of experts with a combined experience of more than 60+ years in innovation. It all started with more than a decade of testing innovation methodology as academic research with top institutions such as MIT, University of Texas and Singapore University of Technology & Design. We then perfected the proprietary innovation process with Mark Cuban Companies and more than 20 other large corporations before turning the patent-pending methodology into software and launching Productable in 2019.

Be fearless. Always empower. Go all in.
But above all else...you got this!

At Productable, we're serious about our core values. We drink our own champagne - from using our own innovation process to focusing on progress, not perfection, just like we encourage our partners to do. That's why our mantra is: Better next week! 

Be fearless.

Ask yourself: Would you fly a kite in a lightning storm?

We’re inspired by the fearlessness and curiosity of the greatest innovators of all time and encourage our employees
and partners to be a Franklin, too.

Always empower.

It took two brothers to take flight, not just one.

We believe that nothing empowers our employees and partners more than a thoughtful balance of autonomy and collaboration. Our team values ideas and input and, just like a Wright, thinks two minds are far better than one.

Go all in.

Some of life’s greatest things started in a garage.

It’s that all-in attitude that sparks growth and that’s what we ask of our employees and partners. To us, all in means
you know the value of work-life balance but also know when to unleash your inner Steve Jobs.

You got this.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

So says Einstein. We already know our employees and partners are intelligent and take it upon ourselves to make their creativity bubble. Innovation is tough stuff, but we’re here to be your champion, your cheerleader, your partner in crime.

Team Productable

Rachel Kuhr Conn

Founder & CEO

Dr. Wes Galliher

Head of Product

Dr. Christina White

Head of Methodology

Jennifer Prishtina

Head of Marketing

Jeff Bryant

Head of User Experience

Janice Fraser

Queen of Innovation Stuff

Nick Chagin

Senior Facilitator

Tyler Steinke

Head of Awesomeness

Advisory Board

Brooke Boyarsky

Known for big-scale corporate transformation.

Abe Minkara

Known for leveraging experts and process to make an impact.

Kevin Alansky

Known for his marketing prowess and growing great companies.

Duncan Logan

Known in Silicon Valley as the Unicorn Herder.

Janice Fraser

Known as the queen of innovation best practices and methodology.

Dan Ward

Known for his visionary approach to government innovation.

Adam Furtado

Known as the most successful Air Force intrapreneur ever.

Taylor Herron

Known for breaking glass and hurdling red tape.
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