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Announcing: blueprints beta

Empower confident problem-solving across your organization with guided workbooks designed to take solutions to the next level.

“We struggle to instruct people on concept development best practices.”

“We don’t know how to engage our workforce in problem-solving.”

“New solutions are stalled at the first stages of development.”

“Project owners give up.”

These are just a few of the soundbites we’ve heard in our conversations with federal innovation leaders over the past few months.

When you’re running breakthrough programs, it can be hard to give innovators the support they need to turn ideas into impact. But without a system for helping innovators make timely progress, you could risk spreading yourself thin—and missing out on game-changing solutions.

That’s why we built Blueprints (beta). By walking innovators through activities like problem analysis and concept validation, blueprints help you turn commercial best practices into shared knowledge, so you can empower confident-problem solving across your organization. Read on to learn more about our beta release.

What’s a blueprint?

A blueprint is a digital workbook that guides innovators through step-by-step methods for gathering information to advance their projects. Auto-generated reports showcase the information in a clear and compelling way, helping stakeholders make more informed decisions about which solutions to pause and which to keep in play.

Examples of those step-by-step methods include identifying a valuable problem to solve, testing the feasibility of a solution, building a prototype, and more.

Why Blueprints?

• Make progress updates more enjoyable - Blueprints’ user- friendly interface makes it easy for innovators to capture essential information about their projects.

• Give guidance at the right time - Help innovators answer questions about their projects in a snap with in-context training content written by experts.

• Create perfect pitch slides with no effort - Auto-generated reports present innovators’ project information in an attractive way that makes decision makers’ lives easier.

Blueprints example: cost analysis

Don’t just take our word for it! Let’s walk through an example to discover how Blueprints help innovators solve problems with more clarity and confidence.

Say you’ve identified a problem that negatively affects your team’s daily work. The next step? Take 20 minutes to run a cost analysis so you can show stakeholders the importance of the problem you’re solving. Make estimates of wasted labor hours, resource degradation, and risk so you can make an excellent case for why leadership should invest in your solution.

Cost analysis blueprint Step 1 of 3

After completing the questions, you’ll get a simple report-out of your analysis, helping you build credibility and get the buy-in you deserve. Check it out:

Cost analysis blueprint report-out

Thanks for reading! If you are a current Productable user, give Blueprints a try by visiting one of your innovations in Productable and clicking “Get started” next to any of the Stage Report questions. Interested in joining our beta program? Click here to schedule an onboarding session.

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