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How to create a Platform One account
In order to log in to Productable, you will need a Platform One account. Your Platform One credentials will automatically log you into Productable, so you will not need a separate username and password.
Create a Platform One Account
How to link your Platform One account to your CAC ID
Insert your CAC or install the ECA and visit https://login.dso.mil. When prompted to pick a certificate, choose the ID cert and supply the pin. You’ll see a “New CAC or PKI was detected” message. Use your existing P1 credentials to continue logging on, then you’ll be able to use your CAC, ECA, or your username/password.
Link Platform One account
How to request an account for new users
Once your account is created, you will receive an email from Productable with login instructions.
Request an account
How to access from a non-government network or device
In order to access Productable when you are teleworking from a personal device or when not on a government network, you will need to download Appgate and link it to your Platform One account.


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