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Introducing: Founder & CEO Rachel Kuhr Conn

Our founder Rachel Kuhr Conn definitely had more than a few pandemic lemons thrown her way, but it’s safe to say she turned them into lemonade. Not only did she take Productable from idea to development, managing to score a deal with the United States Air Force in the process, but she also planned and canceled three weddings before deciding to elope; she moved from San Francisco to Austin after being accepted into a startup accelerator program; and then she bought and renovated a house in preparation for the arrival of her first baby this July. How’s that for some serious girl power?

Dig deeper and you’ll find that Rachel is just one of those superhuman-types-of-people who was meant to change the world. (Stay tuned to learn about her impact work.) Before making the decision to jump into entrepreneurship, she was an academic researcher specializing in predictive innovation models and also served as head of innovation for Mark Cuban’s portfolio of Shark Tank startups.

We asked Rachel...

Can you tell us about one of your favorite pre-Productable work experiences?

I launched Secret Moon, a feminine hygiene company in tribal Papua New Guinea with a product we designed with the local community. It was focused on camouflaging throughout the product lifecycle (purchase, use, cleaning), so women could go to school and work without pressure to separate during their time of the month.

Founder & CEO Rachel Kuhr Conn in Papua New Guinea
Rachel in Papua New Guinea when she was working on the launch of Secret Moon.

What can we find you doing on the weekends?

In normal times, I love surprise 3-4 day weekend getaways. A favorite was when my husband and I found a last minute $400 fare from SF to Shanghai, so we went for a long weekend.

Productable Founder & CEO Rachel Kuhr Conn on vacation.
Rachel on vacation.

Do you have any skills or talents that most people don't know about?

Love drawing with crayons at restaurants with paper tablecloths. I have a few places that put up my artwork in the back, and when I come back they recognize my work.

Productable Founder & CEO Rachel Kuhr Conn's secret talent as a tablecloth artist.
Some of Rachel's tablecloth artwork.

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