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6 Easy-to-Follow Innovation Resolutions for Leaders & Innovators

January is all about setting resolutions, and that goes for business, too. We talked to our resident innovation experts for advice on what goals innovation leaders and innovators can set for themselves to have a more successful year.

Innovation Resolutions for Leaders

Resolution #1: Set guidelines to help lead your decision-making. Then communicate those.

Predetermining - then communicating - decision-criteria is a win/win for everyone involved. For leaders, it helps expedite confident decision-making at every stage of innovation. For innovators, a look into how decisions are made gives them clear direction and helps them move toward the right outcomes.

Register here for our upcoming webinar with industry thought leader, Janice Fraser, on how to define decision criteria.

Resolution #2: Inspire ideation with well-defined opportunities. Then broadcast them to stakeholders.

One of our in-house innovation experts, Tyler Steinke, hit the nail on the head in his latest webinar when he said you wouldn’t tell a baby to go run a marathon. It’s not realistic - or fair - to tell your innovators to just go innovate. Instead, set them up for success with clearly defined problems to solve, and watch the ideation process take off.

Resolution #3: Let it be known that failure is expected in innovation. Then celebrate it with gusto.

We believe in fearless experimentation here at Productable. The more bets you take, the more likely you are to hit the innovation jackpot. But with experimentation comes failure. Lots of failure. And that’s ok. Celebrate it. Learn from it. And make your people comfortable with it, so they’re not afraid to take all those bets that success requires. Tip: Be wise. You want to take a LOT of very small bets then invest more and more as you validate the concept.

Innovation Resolutions for Innovators

Resolution #4: Find an internal champion at concept inception. Then progress faster.

Two minds are better than one. Three minds are better than two. It’s critical that you as an innovator find other people in your organization that are passionate about solving the same problem that you are. Having that support system in place makes it easier to rapidly advance your concept.

Watch our webinar on the valley of death to get more info on this.

Resolution #5: Become a great storyteller to pitch with confidence. Then leverage it for more resources.

Good innovation storytelling is a must. A solid story creates an emotional connection to your concept and can be a savvy way to get a yes from decision-makers. Use it as an avenue for creativity while including data, insights, testimonials and real-world examples. This Untold Podcast with Eric Cohen - inventor of the Reebok PUMP - dives into why innovation storytelling is so important.

Resolution #6: Get to know best practices for concept development. Then follow where it leads you.

We always say that concept development isn’t a one-size fits all workflow. It’s not linear, and every concept needs to follow its own path to success. Some ideas may only take months to develop and some may take years. You have to be willing to follow where your concept leads you and pivot as necessary. Getting to know best practices around how to utilize methodologies such as Design Thinking, Agile and Lean Startup is one of the things you can do to become a better innovator.

Register here for our upcoming webinar on this topic with Taylor “Bingo” Herron, former assistant to the U.S. Air Force Vice Chief of Staff.

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